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We are looking for you!

Many people are involved in initiatives and networks to “Police and human rights” as to work on the issue both nationally and internationally. We do this at our volunteer coordination group. And so our group continues to be efficient, we are looking for dedicated people who would like to make a contribution.

Getting involved does not require being part of Amnesty. We are also happy to accept the support and participation of non-members.


Contribute does not necessarily mean that there is not time left for a private life!

Family and work a priority in almost all our active members. Naturally Amnesty members also have the desire to own free-time, regardless of the volunteer work in our organization. Volunteering takes only a self-assignable part of the free time. A hour per week is already valuable aid for human rights victims worldwide and for Amnesty International. Those who opt for a collaboration, but should create reliability and continuity of the day. Where and how you can play a part in the big picture?

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Those who would like to receive regular information on human rights and police, who wants to find out what political developments are, and who would like to have information that can’t be found in the newspaper – subscribe to our newsletter. It provides also the ability to interfere to give a little help here and there, but also to get a, for example, when it comes to information for papers and lectures, you might even want to get rid once an interesting information, or if you want to get a contact in the police or to people the scientific and political deal with this issue. Every now and then there are times information that goes beyond the issue of human rights + police.

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We need:

  • IT
  • Journalists
  • Organisation
  • Urgent-Action authors
  • Strategically and practically experienced people
  • Research
  • Lecture speakers, perhaps with pedagogic background
  • Foreign languages
  • Creatives
  • Contacts to the Police and labor unions
  • Finance experts


Anyone who thinks that a group affiliation is not compatible with the own time budget, is always welcome as an individual member. Active participation is limited to participation in mailing campaigns. Of course you can also do more. Your contact is the group. Of the individual members who are entitled to vote also in the annual meetings, but a membership fee at the rate of 60 € is requested. Of course, individual members receive also every two months the monthly Amnesty Journal, can be found in the information on political developments and our activities as a global non-governmental organization. Reist her as an individual member of the association, be replaced, of course you the cost. On the Amnesty- “parent page” you will find the online form for individual membership .

be part


Group members enjoy a few advantages. In elections and internal polls are entitled to vote. Travel expenses will be replaced and also the “Amnesty Journal” comes every two months with interesting reports on politics and human rights free into the house. The personal commitment, so the time spend is the membership fee. On our german parent page you can find the from for the group membership. Feel free to contact also before you subscribe.

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Who has no time to support us as a sponsor with a monthly fee. We appreciate any financial support. Our nationwide active group is dependent on financial help from outside. Without funding our goals are not attainable. The aid for the individual, the coordination of our activities and the required public relations are not possible without financial sub-support. The conveyor receives for its annual contribution 60 € and of course the almost monthly Amnesty Journal. On the Amnesty-“parent page” you can find the form for conveyors and conveying inner.

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Urgent actions

Anyone who is interested, but can not decide who should once at UA network code to participate. All 6 – 8 Weeks to write a letter in an acute case, no one will overwhelm. And after all, lead over 50% of our urgent actions to success, that is, those for which we are involved, be released, given a fair trial, be not executed or they receive at least detention facilities and medical care. There are no costs, only the stamps themselves must be paid. The information on an urgent action, sometimes with a Proposal for a letter to be sent to you by email.

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